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Meet my brother-in-law, Jack.

Jack still can grill!

On September 15th, 2006, Jack was a loving father. On September 15th, 2006, Jack was a biker. On September 15th, 2006, Jack was an electrician. On September 15th, 2006, a careless cager put all that my brother-in-law had planned with his life in jeopardy. She "did not see" Jack as he was headed home on his motorcycle to get cleaned up after work, and to see his girl friend. So she pulled out in front of Jack, and the Jack we, his family and friends, knew was gone!

If there was one thing lucky about Jack's crash, it was that it happened right next to a fire house, with EMT support by his side almost immediately. Even with that help, my brother-in-law had his heart stopped twice, while the EMT was trying to stabalize him for transport in a life flight helicopter to the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)trauma center. Fortunately, they were able to revive Jack, and his next five months started.

From his motorcycle wreck, Jack received the following injuries:

  • compound fracture of the right ankle
  • spine fractured in two places (one of the fractures was almost identical to the one that Cristopher Reeves had that paralized him, so we were extremely lucky here)
  • collapsed right lung
  • Severe internal brain trauma

Jack spent 21 days in Intensive Care at MUSC. During that time, he had pins and rod placed in his lower back for the fracture there, and he was fitted for a half body brace for the fracture in his lower spine. He had to wear that brace for five months (probably the thing that aggravated Jack the most, as he was constantly pulling at the neck brace portion). After the 21 days, he was put in a room, but required constant supervision, and sometimes restraint, due to his injuries and their affect on his reasoning ability. The last month in South Carolina he was put in the Hospital's rehab clinic. From the time he was put in rehab, the hospital staff was trying to get rid of him, since he was not insured, and only Medicaid was footing the bills. Finally, they found a way, and attempted to transfer him to a "rehab center" that when family saw it could only be described as "worse than a slum". So Shirley (Jack's sister, my wife) and I decided that we would bring Jack to live with us in North Carolina.

Even though MUSC said they had done all they could for Jack, and that he needed to go somewhere to further his rehabilitation, they also said he still needed 24 hour care. Since Shirley works as an over the road truck driver and I still work at a power plant, this means that we had to hire someone to watch over Jack while I was at work. His SSI check helped somewhat, but did not cover even a third of the costs we were incurring. As of now, his SSI check has been suspended while they determine "if Jack is still disabled and required help". So now we are back to footing the entire amount required for Jack's care. We are committed to provide that care as long as it takes, but we now ask for your help. If you can and will, selecting any of the options below will be greatly appreciated.

The Sturgis Rally Guide Book

The Sturgis Rally Guide Book

While searching for more information for this website, I stumbled across the most definitive source about the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, written by a Sturgis local. This guide contains information you don't want to be without: routes that bypass the narmal traffic congestion, the best day trips to take, tips from past rally attendees and locals, and much more. I receive a commission on each sale, and this commission will be applied to Jack's care.

Buy one share of Harley Davidson stock

Harley Davidson Stock

OneShare.com is an easy way to buy a single share of many different company stocks. That one share is real, and entitles the holder to all the benefits of any stock holder, including voting rights and the annual report. This investment would make a great gift for Harley Davidson enthusiasts like us. I also receive a commission on each sale, and this commission will be applied to Jack's care.

Make a donation through Paypal

If neither of the products above interest you, but you still want to help, any amount you deem appropriate can be sent to me through my Paypal account. Rest assured that any money donated will be going to helping my brother-in-law in his recovery.